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There's nothing like brand new asphalt! Chip & Seal Paving can handle any size job, from Tar & Chip to seal coating to new asphalt.
Chip & Seal Paving specializes in seal coating pavement to protect and beautify it. Whether you need to repair or replace old pavement or start from bare dirt, we can handle any paving job.
New asphalt pavement is so beautiful. Chip & Seal Paving has the experience and expertise to plan and install any size asphalt or Tar & Chip pavement. You can count on us to do it right the first time.
A gorgeous red rock Tar and Chip driveway. Often costing half as much as regular asphalt pavement, Tar and Chip, also known as Chip and Seal, is a beautiful and durable bargain.
Chip & Seal Paving handles commercial and residential work, from shopping centers to farm roads. Tar & Chip pavement is the most cost-effective and durable choice for large paved areas.
Our expert paving crews will install your beautiful new driveway in no time. As our name implies, we're the Chip & Seal paving professional you can count on for all your paving needs.
Chip & Seal Paving is trusted to handle the important paving of airport runways too. You know you're dealing with a trusted professional when airports depend on us to get their runways right!
We'll handle your entire project from start to finish, including grading and preparation. Whether you have an old driveway that needs replacement, or nothing but bare dirt, Chip & Seal Paving does it all.
Another beautiful new driveway from Chip & Seal Paving. We do asphalt paving and economical, durable Tar and Chip pavement. We're your Tennessee paving pros.
A beautiful new seal coat will protect and beautify older asphalt. Besides paving Tennessee one driveway at a time, we expertly restore older pavement too!
Beautiful Tar and Chip driveways are an unbeatable value. If you're not familiar with Tar & Chip paving (also known as 'Chip & Seal' or just 'Chip Seal'), please visit our Services page to read all about it.
Chip & Seal Paving will manage your entire project. Finding a qualified Tar & Chip professional can be challenging. Our expert crews will put you at ease from the moment you meet.
After preparing the surface, the Chip Seal process begins with a coat of hot rubber adhesive.
We thoroughly coat the entire surface to ensure a long-lasting result.
The durable adhesive ensures that your Tar & Chip driveway will last for years.
Once the entire surface is coated, it's ready for the 'Chips' to be applied.
We then apply properly sized stone aggregate in the color of your choice.
We evenly coat the entire surface, driving over the aggregate as it's applied.
Once the aggregate is applied, the next step will be to roll it with a soft-wheeled roller, firmly seating it into the adhesive and locking the stones in place.
The final result is a durable Tar & Chip driveway that will add beauty and value to your property.